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     Zhejiang Dadi steel structure co., LTDIs the national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, has a PhD, professor, senior engineer, national 1st class registered structural engineer 15 professional and technical personnel as the backbone. Company by expert of our country famous space structure, member of Chinese academy of engineering dong shi-lin responsible space structure research center of zhejiang university for the technical backing, long-term technical cooperation, and the experimental base for the space structure research center, in order to ensure the quality of engineering design, production and installation. Also with the Shanghai tongji university, architectural design and research institute of zhejiang province and so on more than 10 institutions of higher learning, design, scientific research units in close cooperation, joint research and development of new structure and new technology.
    Company set up the scientific talent training, use, and incentive mechanism, formed a rigorous, pragmatic and efficient work style, bold explorations, challenge ourselves constantly. To realistic, enterprising and innovative spirit inspires a string & other; The earth person & throughout; , bearing rich technical innovations.

Famous space structure experts, member of China academy of engineering academician dong shi-lin (third right) to guide the work in the company