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Introduction to the project management headquarters

一、Architectural engineering management headquarters set up:
    Project management headquarters is responsible for the company to install the unified coordination and administration, responsible for each project, department is responsible for the supervision and project safety, quality, schedule control and payments related to recycling, and to the department for review.
    The specific architecture diagram is as follows:

二、Project department architecture place:
    Carry through the company project management appraisal system, the implementation of the project manager responsibility system. Project manager is authorized clients of the company on the project, project department people, goods, content of factors of production decision-making, management; Organization and management project resources required elements, to the time limit for a project, quality, cost, safety, environment, civilized construction, commissioning and settlement, fund collection and implement whole process of management; On behalf of the company fully implement project contract as well as foreign related matters.
    The project management headquarters have more than 20 people, senior project manager at the same time for more than 20 large and medium-sized projects.
    Projects department all the staff to the project manager, assist project manager to finish the project management work. Project department job setup and personnel structure as below::

3、The project management procedures:
    1、Engineering management headquarters, according to the sales department contract clarificaiton content analysis of project evaluation and confirm the program rating scale according to the engineering situation.
    2、Set up project department, the company according to the project scale appointed project manager and assistant project manager, confirm other projects department personnel configuration at the same time.
    3、Projects department personnel to start operation of the project, including prophase approach approach; The site exploration; Arrange the installation team in; Integrate all the resources needed, etc. Before construction project department organize relevant personnel to learn and be familiar with drawings, and preparation of construction organization design according to the actual situation, proposed installation plan and schedule.
    4、Work and construction engineering installation, data synchronization. Project department is responsible for the management of the installation team and outside unit, the safety of the construction process, quality, progress control, at the same time, the project manager is responsible for the payment of recycling. Project department according to the monthly and weekly according to the progress of the project management department to submit weekly report, monthly report, so that the project management headquarters to understand the actual situation, and on this basis for the site project department coordinate related problems.
    5、To the construction of the project is completed, the project department is responsible for organizing completion data (complete, complete and accurate), according to the needs of owners and have asked the department entity acceptance and submit the acceptance of engineering data, and project department timely submit to the supervision, owner project completion report, the completion acceptance of the relevant formalities.
    6、After the project, according to the contract content and the technical requirements for engineering maintenance and after-sales management headquarters group is responsible for maintenance and after-sales service, the project at the same time by the legal department is responsible for pay off the balance.
    Specific operation process is illustrated below::

4, engineering technology
   Project management headquarters specially equipped with each a chief engineer and deputy chief engineer, be responsible for checking the project technical scheme, solve the problem of all kinds of installation technology, participate in major projects installation and planning. Have installed several senior experts at the same time, based on a variety of experience can be from many aspects of the structure of the installation and the system of technical analysis, to ensure that all kinds of technical problems are fully installation. Is relying on the technical team I projects in the field of domestic construction every year released a number of technical innovation, published many technical papers, as to keep pace with The Times on the technology, dares to undertake the installation of difficult, high technology content.
    For all kinds of special engineering project, I adhere to prudent attitude to face, often collect expert argumentation with experts, not only in the technology of the owner is responsible for verifying the construction as well as special solutions to operability.
    In site construction, the ministry for various projects department equipped with construction technician, requiring them to conduct technical clarificaiton work site construction personnel, the director of the on-site construction process at the same time, the field of all kinds of construction personnel special requirements of the related certificates, and the related qualification for the record. Do personnel at all levels all can according to the requirements of technical project to complete the job.
5、Construction safety
    On site construction personnel ministry level 3 safety education system, to set up the construction personnel safety consciousness from the consciousness. In safety education training, except for safety disclosure to visit at the same time, discussion, lecture, etc, and the combination of classroom teaching form, make the effect better, specific as follows:
    1)Watch the video。This video is a video from our site, including people's unsafe behavior and unsafe state of, and proper operation methods of video simulation exercises, etc.
    2)Set up training dojo。Training academy is to set up a new employee training laboratory, will be the scene of the equipment after scaling down, again to arrange the new staff to the scene of the simulation operation, improve employees' actual operation ability.
    3)Training of safety accident cases。Collect more related to worker safety accident cases
    Early meeting for security in daily engineering management, implements weeks for each construction team assessment, assessment, the safety flow red flags and other activities, make the safety awareness in daily life into the inner staff, staff to remain vigilant.
    Demand projects department according to the construction environment and characteristics of all kinds of emergency plans, safe and special. Including heatstroke, typhoon, fire prevention, prevent falling, etc., at the same time for all kinds of drilling plan organization field workers, employees at all levels in theory not only understand the security problem is more can deal with all kinds of security problems in practice.