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  Company possesses special steel testing laboratory, high strength bolt detection ability, and the professional nondestructive testing personnel, can provide the key quality control in steel structure of MT, PT, UT inspection services, at the same time have a long-term cooperation of RT testing professional company to provide services. Physics and chemical office responsible for enterprise performance test of physical and chemical raw materials and products, is the precondition for the enterprise to produce high quality products, is the enterprise product quality guarantee the indispensable important component. Company leaders also attaches great importance to the physical and chemical testing work, every year has certain funds used for the construction of the laboratory.
  The company physical and chemical laboratory in March 2000 by zhejiang machinery enterprise quality assurance system physical and chemical testing. After verification, the steel structure co., LTD., the physical and chemical laboratory of zhejiang province hangzhou construction steel structure of metal material physical and chemical testing technology (chemical analysis, mechanical property testing, nondestructive testing & ndash; UT) two class qualification units. My laboratory equipped with basic complete testing instruments, strong commonality, function has a rational layout, high quality of the testing team and a set of relatively complete management system, undertaking enterprise raw materials and product quality analysis, test conditions and capabilities, can provide enterprises with reliable analysis of test data, to meet the needs of the production of the enterprise. Company's existing physical and chemical laboratory existing experimental area of 300 m2, the existing mechanical equipment 7, 9 sets of chemical apparatus, and 14, ultrasonic flaw detector magnetic powder flaw detector, total cost of the equipment for more than 100 100 yuan in fixed assets.
  Laboratory 14 existing staff, including senior engineers, two assistant engineer four, each inspection personnel related certificates, most of them have 10 years experience in this professional, qualified for the company needed to detect each task. Laboratory strict post responsibility system, clear the specific responsibilities; Every professional complete testing standards; Establish archives for all kinds of testing equipment, cycle test, improve the accuracy of test results.
  Company physical and chemical laboratory will be in strict accordance with ISO/IEC17025-1999 general requirements of testing and calibration laboratory capacity to regulate the activities of the laboratory to further improve the detection ability of laboratory, ensure project quality.