Your present location:Production & processing
    Have from the United States, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries the introduction of advanced manufacturing equipment more than 1000 sets, steel structure build chongqing steel, light steel, pipe truss, rack and pressed choi steel 12 automatic production line, factory components make up the largest 100 tons in weight. 

1、The welding H production line
  Nc flame cutting machine
Product model: WKG-6000GS
Specifications: L=20000
Code: 174265A
Date: 2005.06
Automatic h-beam assembling machine
Code: HGZ-006
Group set speed: 0.5-6M/MIN
Flange plate width: 200-1000MM
Flange plate thickness: 6-100MM
The minimum and maximum web height: 200MM2500MM
Transmission power: 5.5KW
  Arms car type double arc double wire submerged arc welding machine
Code: MZG-2×1000
Welding speed: 350-1500mm/min
gauge: 2000mm
The return rate: 200-1500mm
The host power: 23.5KW
H-beam flange hydraulic straightening machine
Code: JZ-40
The main pressure wheel pressure: 2000KN
Correct speed: 5.2m/min
The hydraulic system pressure: 18/16mpa
Shot blasting machine
Product model: HGCRQZ9810
specifications: 2500×1500
factory: Wuxi hualian
The date of production: 2005.07
2、H section steel secondary processing production line
Three-dimensional numerical control drilling machine
Product model: DNF-1050
The largest workpiece size: 1650*1000*80mm
The biggest hole diameter: 50mm
The spindle speed range: 120-560r/min
ST - 6090 type double column corner band sawing machine
The great circle Angle size: 600mm
The most generous steel size: 650×650mm
The largest steel size: 1200×600mm
Oblique Angle: 0-45
HQ1040NL steel lock machine CNC flame
highly: 500-1000
The width of the: 500-1500mm
Wing plate thickness: 〉=60 mm
The thickness of the web: 〉=30 mm
The PCM - 1600 l CNC plane drilling
The largest workpiece size: 3000*1600*80mm
The biggest hole diameter: 50mm
The spindle speed range: 120-560r/min
The spindle range: 180mm

3、The production line of the box structure
Flame cutting machine CNC long straight bar
Product model: CNG-4000B
specifications: L=16000
Factory number: 4054B
The date of production: 2004.05
Edge milling machine
Product model: XBJ-DD-15
Milling plate thickness: 6-50mm
The biggest milling thickness at a time: 6mm
Effective length of milling: 15m
U group set up machine
Product model: ZU-1200
Specifications: 1200×1000
Manufacturer: Wuxi hualian
Date of production: 2004.04
Box structure assembling machine
Product model: ZB-1200
Specifications: 1500×1200
Manufacturer: Japan's alberto fujimori strain type club
The date of production 2004.09
Box beam double wire welding machine
Product model: MHJ-4000A
Factory number: 000860
Wire: H08MNA
Flux: ST101
Electroslag welding machine
Product model: FAB RAC ESW-3
Code: AB91060005
Operating frequency: 50HZ
Working voltage: 380V
End face milling
Product model: DX1416
Factory number: AB94100008
The big end mill diameter: 2500×1500
Power: 380V   50HZ

4、Steel tube truss production line

  Steel pipe two-wheel girth our fleet welding
Product model NZC3—2*500KR
Specifications: φ219×4500
Manufacturer: Tangshan kaiyuan electric appliance co., LTD
Date of production: In March 2002,
  Pipe cutting machine
Product model: QJ1111
specifications: φ160×12000
Factory: Dawson non-standard special machine tool plant in Shanghai
Date of production: 2002年4月
Steel tube derusting machine
Product model: WG—C
Specifications: 159
Manufacturer: Tangshan radical environmental protection equipment co., LTD
Date of production: In August 1999,

6、Color plate production line
  Color plate pressure forming machine
Product model: HV—380
Host motor deceleration rate 4KW
The motor power to cut off the device 2.2 KW
Production speed 8-10 m/min
factory Zhejiang jinggong science and technology co., LTD
  LouCheng plate forming machine
Product model: HG—344B
Specifications: 688mm
Manufacturer: Zhejiang jinggong science and technology co., LTD
The date of production: In January 2002,

五、Production capacity::
Company production base covers an area of 125000 square meters, construction area of 83000 square meters production workshop and ancillary facilities. Company's overall annual steel processing capacity of 95000 tons, pressed steel plate 2 million square meters.
  The factory name

The project name

Company's production capacity
1 Covers an area of:(㎡) 124580
Among them: workshop(㎡) 64400
yard(㎡) 31450
other(㎡) 41380
2 personnel(ALL) 553
Among them: technical personnel 102
3 The product type Chongqing steel, non-standard equipment, pipe truss, rack, color plate
4 Production capacity(t/year) 95000
5 The maximum yield per month 9000