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Manufacturing equipment:
    There are more than 1,000 sets of advanced  manufacturing equipments of steel structure.12 automatic production lines for lifting steel, tube truss, light steel, grid and profiled color steel plate have been established. The maximum component manufacturing capacity is up to 100 tons. 

1. Welding H-shaped production line
 Earth Steel Structure CNC flame cutting machine
Product number: WKG-6000GS
Specification: L=20000
Serial number: 174265A
date: 2005.06
Earth steel structure H-beam automatic assembly machine
Product number: HGZ-006
Assembly speed: 0.5-6M/MIN
Flange plate width: 200-1000MM
Flange plate thickness: 6-100MM
The minimum and maximum height of the web: 200MM2500MM
Transmission power: 5.5KW
 Earth steel structure Double-arm trolley type double-arc double-wire submerged arc welding machine
Product number: MZG-2×1000
Welding speed: 350-1500mm/min
gauge: 2000mm
Return speed: 200-1500mm
monitor rate: 23.5KW
Earth steel structure H-shaped steel flange hydraulic straightening machine
Product number: JZ-40
Main pressure roller pressure: 2000KN
Correction speed: 5.2m/min
Hydraulic system pressure: 18/16mpa
Earth steel structure Shot blasting machine
Product number: HGCRQZ9810
Specification: 2500×1500
Manufacturing plant: Wuxi Hualian
Production Date: 2005.07
2. H-beam secondary processing production line
Earth steel structure Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine
Product number: DNF-1050
Maximum workpiece size: 1650*1000*80mm
Maximum drilling diameter: 50mm
Spindle speed range: 120-560r/min
Earth steel structure ST-6090 double column corner band saw machine
Maximum round angle steel size: 600mm
Maximum square steel size: 650×650mm
Maximum section steel size: 1200×600mm
Bevel angle: 0-45
Earth steel structure HQ1040NL section steel CNC flame locking machine
high: 500-1000
width: 500-1500mm
Wing plate thickness: 〉=60 mm
Web thickness: 〉=30 mm
Earth steel structure PCM-1600L CNC plane drill
Maximum workpiece size: 3000*1600*80mm
Maximum drilling diameter: 50mm
Spindle speed range: 120-560r/min
Maximum stroke of spindle: 180mm

3. Box structure production line
Earth steel structure CNC multi-head straight flame cutting machine
Product number: CNG-4000B
Specification: L=16000
Serial number: 4054B
Production Date: 2004.05
Earth steel structure Milling machine
Product number: XBJ-DD-15
Milling plate thickness: 6-50mm
Maximum milling thickness at one time: 6mm
Effective milling length: 15m
Earth steel structure U type assembly machine
Product number: ZU-1200
Specification: 1200×1000
Manufacturing plant: Wuxi Hualian
Production Date: 2004.04
Earth steel structure Box structure assembly machine
Product number: ZB-1200
Specification: 1500×1200
Manufacturing plant: Fujimori Co., Ltd.
Production Date: 2004.09
Earth steel structure Box beam double wire welding machine
Product number: MHJ-4000A
Serial number: 000860
Welding wire: H08MNA
Flux: ST101
Earth steel structure Electroslag welding machine
Product number: FAB RAC ESW-3
serial number: AB91060005
working frequency: 50HZ
Operating Voltage: 380V
Earth steel structure Face milling
Product number: DX1416
Serial number: AB94100008
Maximum end milling diameter: 2500×1500
power: 380V 50HZ

4. Steel pipe truss production line
 Earth steel structure Steel pipe double-wheel circumferential seam C02 welding
Product number: NZC3—2*500KR
Specification: φ219×4500
Manufacturing plant: Tangshan Kaiyuan Electric Co., Ltd.
Production Date: March 2002
 Earth steel structure Pipe cutting machine
Product number: QJ1111
Specification: φ160×12000
Manufacturing plant: Shanghai Dasheng Non-standard Special Machine Tool Plant
Production Date: April 2002
Earth steel structure Steel pipe derusting machine
Product number: WG—C
Specification: 159
Manufacturing plant: Tangshan Qingyuan Environmental Protection Equipment Company
Production Date: August 1999

6. Color board production line
 Earth steel structure Color plate pressing machine
Product number: HV—380
Main motor deceleration rate 4KW
Cut-off device motor power 2.2 KW
Production speed 8-10m/min
Manufacturing plant Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd.
  Floor bearing plate forming machine
Product number: HG—344B
Specification: 688mm
Manufacturing plant: Zhejiang Jinggong Technology Co., Ltd.
Production Date: January 2002

5. Production capacity: The
    Our production base covers ​​225,000 square meters, and the production plant and auxiliary facilities ​​150,000 square meters. The company's overall  steel structure processing capacity is 250,000 tons/year with 5 million square meters profiled steel plates.
Factory name
Project name
Company production capacity
1 Area: (㎡) 224580
Among them: Workshop (㎡) 154400
Storage Yard (㎡) 31450
Other (㎡) 41380
2 Personnel (total) 1308
Among them: technical staff 214
3 product type Heavy steel, non-standard equipment, pipe truss, grid, color plate
4 Production capacity (t/year) 250000
5 Maximum output/month 14000


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