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    Zhejiang Dadi Steel Structure Co., Ltd., a high-tech enterprise playing an important role in the National Torch Program of China, has a 15-techician team consisting of doctors, professors, senior engineers, and registered national structure designers of Grade One. With the technical support of and the long-run cooperation with the Spatial Structure Research Center of Zhejiang University, which is under charge of Dong Shilin, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and a well-known expert of space structure of China, we adopt the center as our laboratory of structure design to ensure the high quality of engineering, fabrication, and installation. We also maintain close collaboration with dozens of colleges and design institutes like Tongji University and Zhejiang architecture design and research institute, so as to develop new structures and new techniques.

    We have established a scientific training system to encourage employees and deploy human resources, forming a rigorous, pragmatic, and efficient style of work to explore bravely and challenge the difficulty. Our spirit of respecting the reality, making progress non-stop, and achieving great innovation has inspired every “DADI Steelers”, thus bring about splendid fruits on technology. 


Academician Dong Shilin (third from right), a well-known expert in spatial structure and an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

With DADI having participated in the development, S-system, a housing product system of fully assembly steel structure of high-performance, is the core technology of Longyuan’s assembly architecture base.

In 2018, the system was designated as the demonstrative program (development and application) of the assembly architecture of Shanghai.

As the experts panel mentioned in the comments of the examination and approval process, it is an innovative product in steel structure industry, with advanced values worth promoting.

In October of the same year, it was selected into “the Future Home” in Beijing Housing EXPO after the acceptance according to

The Research of the All-in-one Fully Assembly Housing System of the High Performance in Interior Renovation of Structure, a science research program by Zhejiang Construction Department.

Shanghai Architecture Science and Research Institute was delegated to access and inspect the overall performance of the PC-house in the system,

concluding that the house had met the requirements of low cost of energy and the comfortable living standard. 

S-SYSTEM Demonstrative PC-House
2018 Demonstratiive Project - Shanghai Prefabricated Building 
The Future Home of China 

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