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Testing capabilities
  We have a special laboratory for testing steel material and high-strength bolt, with professional non-destructive testing personnel. MT, PT, UT testing services with quality control involved are provided with long-term cooperation in third-party RT testing institutes. The laboratory is responsible to test the physical and chemical properties of the company's raw materials and products. It is a prerequisite for the company to produce high-quality structures and indispensable parts at quality assurance. The company leaders attach great importance to physical and chemical testing, and annaully receive a certain amount of funds for laboratory operation.
  This physical and chemical laboratory passed the Zhejiang Machinery Quality Assurance System for Physical and Chemical Test in March, 2000. Upon review, our laboratory is a qualified unit of the second-level for physical and chemical testing (chemical analysis, mechanical performance testing, non-destructive testing-UT) of metal materials, being equipped with instruments of strong versatility and complete functions. The lab was designed with a secientiic layout, and has a high-quality team, a complete management system, and the conditions to analyze the quality and test the raw materials and products to meet the industrial needs. It has an experimental area of ​​300m2, 7 mechanical equipments, 9 chemical instruments, 14 ultrasonic flaw detectors, and 1 magnetic particle flaw detector. The fixed assets and equipments value for more than 1 million yuan.
  Currently, the laboratory has 24 staff members, including two senior engineers and four assistant engineers. All inspectors are certificated with more than ten years of professional experience. The laboratory implements responsibility system to clarify the specific responsibilities of each post with complete testing standard; all types of testing equipment are filed and periodically verified to improve the accuracy.The company's physical and chemical laboratory follows ISO/IEC17025-1999 "General Requirements for Testing and Calibration" to standardize various tasks, further improving the testing capabilities and ensuring the project quality .

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