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Introduction to Our Engineering Management

1. Engineering Management Headquarter

    Engineering Management Headquarter is responsible to deal with the unified and coordinated installation management, the establishment of the management departments of various projects, and the supervision of the safety, quality, progress control, accessment, and payment withdrawal for the departments.
    The specific structure diagram is as follows:


2. Project Management Department:
    Adhering to company's "Project Management Appraisal System" and project manager responsibility system, project manager is our discretionary entrusted person on specific project, with the decision-making and management authorities of the department’s human resource, financial statement, and material production, dealing with the organization and management of the resource required by the project, and the duration, quality, cost, safety, environment, civilized construction, handover, settlement, fund recovery, etc.; he shall also represent the company in full implementation of project contracting and external affairs.
    Currently, the department has employed more than 20 senior project managers, who are able to carry out more than 20 large and medium-sized engineering projects. The staff deployed shall follow the command of the managers to perform their duties and shall assist them. The position setting and staffing structure are shown in the following figure:


3. Project management operating procedures:
    1. Analyzes and evaluates the project based on the contents of the operating department contract and confirms the scale of the project based on the actual condition.
    2. Sets up project departments. Appoints project managers and deputy managers according to the scale of the project, and confirms the configuration of other personnel.
    3. The personnel shall carry out the project operation, including the early approach to the site, conduct surveys on the construction field, arrange the installation team to settle in, and integrate the required resources, etc. Before the commencement, the department shall mobilize relevant personnel to study and familiarize themselves with the drawings, prepare the construction organization design according to the actual situation, and formulate the installation and schedule plan.

    4. Performs engineering installation, data management and construction. Responsible for the management of the installation team, outsourcing units, and safety, quality, and progress control. Responsible for the withdrawal of project funds. Submits weekly and monthly reports to the department according to the progress, so that the headquarters can be aware of the actual situation of the site. Solve the coordination-related problems for the on-site project department.
    5. After the construction is completed, the project department shall take the responsibility of organizing and sorting out the delivery materials with complete and accurate requirements. The department is requested that submit the acceptance report according to the requirements of the owner, timely submit completion report and relevant documented procedures to the supervisor and the owner 

    6. After completion, the maintenance and after-sales teams of the headquarters are responsible for the maintenance and after-sales service of the project according to the contract and the technical requirements. The law department is responsible to manage the budget balance.
    The following figure shows the specific operation process:


4. Engineering Technology
    Engineering Management Headquarter has a chief engineer and a deputy chief engineer, who are responsible to review the technical plans of each project, solve various technical problems of installation, and participate in the installation planning of major projects. We also have several senior experts of installation , who are able to carry out systematic analysis and apply for certification of the installation of various structures from various aspects, so as to ensure that the problems are addressed. Currently with this technical team, our project department will achieve technical innovations and contracts of domestic construction every year, so as to advance our technology with the times and dare to undertake difficult and high-tech projects.

    For all kinds of special projects, our department will face it with a cautious attitude, converging with experts to conduct expert demonstrations. We will be not only technically responsible to the owners, but also verifying the operability of the plan.
    During the on-site construction, our department will assign construction technicians to each project department, who are acquired to carry out technical clarifications to on-site construction personnel, and to take responsibility to lead the construction process. All the special construction workers on-site are acquired to hold certificates and provide relevant information, making sure that they can be completent as to technical requirements of the project.

5. Safety Workplace
    We have a safety education system of level-three to raise the safety awareness of construction. We also carry out safety education and training, including safety clarifications, seminars, lectures, etc. The details are as follows:

    1) Video course. The educational video is made from our site, including examples of unsafe behaviors, dangerous conditions, and correct methods of operation.

    2) Training dojo. The training dojo is planned to establish a freshmen training lab, If the human resources on-site is reduced proportionally, the new employees are arranged to excercise the on-site simulative operations to improve the actual ability.
    3) Training for combating safety accidents.
    Safety-themed morning meetings in daily project management, weekly and monthly reviews, and safe workflows descriptions are conducted for each construction team, so that the safety awareness can be marked on the hearts of employees and the employees will stay alert everyday.


    The project department is required to make various emergency and special safety plans according to the construction environment and characteristics. Typhoon, heatstroke, fire protection, fall prevention are included. On-site workers will be organized to conduct drills for various plans, so that employees at all levels can not only understand safety issues in theory, but also deal with them with actual operations.

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