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The land man will be full of confidence to meet the Chinese steel structure industry in the international steel structure market more brilliant tomorrow

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Zhejiang Dadi Steel Structure Co., Ltd. (formerly Hangzhou Dadi Grid Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) is a subsidiary of Longyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd. It is a well-known international advanced manufacturing base for steel structures at home and abroad. The company is located in the most economically developed Yangtze River Delta region of Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou, convenient transportation. The company integrates international design, procurement, production, installation, trade and service. It has the general contracting level of construction engineering (the main structure of steel structure), the contracting of steel structure engineering, the special grade of steel structure, and the light steel structure. The special design of engineering grade A and the qualification of architectural metal roof design and construction are the designated production enterprises of China Metal Structure Association, and have passed the international ISO quality, environment, occupational health management system certification, American Steel Structure Association AISC certification, European Union CE certification. And physical and chemical testing capabilities certification.
    The company has undertaken more than 1,000 steel structure projects of various industrial heavy steel workshops, high-rise steel structures, bridge steel structures, equipment steel structures, airport terminals, large-scale convention centers and sports venues at home and abroad. The pass rate is 100%. The remaining projects were awarded the China Construction Luban Award, the China Steel Structure Gold Award, the Zhan Tianyou Civil Engineering Award, and the provincial and municipal Qianjiang Cup, Baiyulan Cup, and Jinsteel Awards, among which the steel structure of the Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport Terminal Building, The five-star hotel project of the Gansu Convention and Exhibition Center building group won the Luban Award; the Hefei Grand Theater roof steel structure project won the National Quality Engineering Award; the first phase of the Zhongji Risheng Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. won the Gold Medal of China Construction Steel Structure; Xi'an Xianyang The T3A terminal project of the international airport expansion project won the Zhejiang Construction Steel Structure Diamond Award; the Shanghai Rail Transit Line No. 1 Fujin Road Car Park Steel Structure Project won the Shanghai Golden Steel Award. Other representative projects in China include: China Resources Sun Hung Kai Wanxiang City Shopping Center Project, Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center Steel Structure Project, Wuxi Yinhui Square (Chong'an Temple Phase II No. 5 Land), Nanjing Tangshan Erected Man-made Fossil Grand Site Park Project, Yiliang Stadium Project, Hangzhou Civic Center Steel Structure Project, Hangzhou Fuxing Bridge Steel Structure Project, Shanghai World Expo Sunshine Valley Steel Structure Project, Hankou Railway Station Steel Structure Project and Shanghai Happy Valley Roller Coaster Steel Structure Equipment; overseas projects throughout the United States, Dubai, Belgium, Danieli, Singapore, Australia, Georgia, Nigeria, Indonesia and other countries, such as the US JUMBO-PTA chemical plant project, Dubai racecourse parking lot project, Belgium Drever International annealing furnace equipment, Danieli cold rolling mill,瓮福沙特 Manhattan Concentrator Project, Singapore GBB Bridge Project, Malaysia Solar Plant Project, Western Australia Sino Iron Ore Project, Georgia Justice Department Justice Building, Nigeria Convention and Exhibition Center, Pohang Indonesia Integrated Steel Plant, Saipan Mission Hills Seaview Resort Project Project And after the inspection, it has become a strategic partner with many overseas owners and international EPC companies.
    The company has always attached importance to the introduction and development of scientific and technological talents. There are more than 60 professional technicians including doctoral, professor, professor-level senior engineers, national first-level registered structural engineers, and US registered civil engineers. Zhejiang University Space Structure Research Center is the company's technical backing and long-term technical cooperation, and has become the experimental base of the space structure research center to ensure the quality of engineering design, production and installation. The company also cooperates with Zhejiang University, Tongji University, Shuren University, Zhejiang Vocational and Technical College Tongji Design Institute, Guangdong Architectural Design and Research Institute, Zhejiang Architectural Design and Research Institute, Hangzhou Architectural Design and Research Institute, etc. The research institutes work closely together to develop new structures, new processes and new technologies.
    Taking high-standard, new starting point and new power as opportunities, the company takes the integration, innovation and development as the measures to upgrade the steel structure industry, taking market demand as the guide, technological innovation as the driving force, quality first, and integrity compliance standards, as always The company cooperates with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad in design, scientific research, construction, trade units and friends from all walks of life. Based on the international steel structure market, we are committed to providing first-class management, products and services for the development of China's steel structure. Strive to become an advocate of international design solutions for steel structures; pioneers of high-tech industrial bases for steel structures; integrators of international advanced manufacturing technologies for steel structures; and promoters of world-class installation technology for steel structures. The earth steel structure will use quality to interpret, let technology interpret, let management interpret. The land people will be confident to meet the more brilliant future of China's steel structure industry in the international steel structure market.

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