Your present location:Personnel training
    Enterprise competition is the talent competition, talent is the first resource of the enterprise, has the first-class talented person, can develop a first-class products, create the first-class performance, the enterprise can be in an impregnable position in the market competition.
    In the era of knowledge economy, to keep pace with The Times development, industry and the development of the enterprise, must constantly learning new knowledge, skills, the company through the establishment of a learning organization, by way of training, provide full learning opportunities and development space for employee, in order to improve the staff working ability and the company's overall business level, for the survival and development of the enterprise power.
    Company established a set of suitable for their own development mechanism of talent training, through the new employee training, skills training, management training, business training, academic education and a variety of forms, combined with the teacher mentoring, internal training and external expansion, a two-way flow of enterprise and the staff, the greatest degree to the value of employees and post match, fosters the talent, use talent, director of choose and employ persons.