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Zhejiang dadi steel structure co., LTD., four measures urged party came to power


Zhejiang dadi steel structure co., LTD., as an opportunity to study practice, stick to "grasp the party around development, pays special attention to the party building and promote development" of the party construction ideas, vigorously strengthen the party's ideology, organization, style, system construction, sound and rapid development for the enterprise provides the powerful organization guarantee.

First, pay attention to the ideology construction. Gripper for thorough study practice scientific development concept activity, study plan and plan, issued by the party members' learning books and counseling information, the opening of a scientific theory study column, set up the party members' learning garden, perfect sex study the mechanism of education, focus on learning, in practice, constantly with the scientific development concept scientific theory armed party head.

The second is focus on the organization construction. Enterprise party organizations improve, the company party committee set up the party construction work leading group, set up the party members' audivisual classrooms, party member function room and so on, the party organization activities to carry out normal. Organization of party members to carry out to revisit the party oath, emancipate the mind to discuss, study Tours, events report, study practice activities such as speech, enriching the connotation of the party organization life.

3 it is to pay attention to the attitude construction. To strengthen the integrity self-discipline education of party members and cadres, conscientiously resist all kinds of abuses, improve the ability of combating. Vigorously carry forward the party's fine tradition and style, through the forum, convocation, suggestion box, the questionnaire and talking, and other activities, solicit opinions from the employees, listen to the crowd, close party-mass relationship between government officials and masses, and enhance the cohesion and centripetal force to speed up enterprise development.

Fourth, pay attention to the system construction. Target responsibility system, establish and improve the party construction work of party to build a clean government, party member education and so on more than 40 party construction rules and regulations, make the party's construction and the party member management institutionalized, standardization, to comprehensively strengthen the party's construction enterprise provides the system guarantee.